48 Fisant avenue, Dinokeng Game Reserve

Update Jan and Feb so far Dinonyane Bush Lodge, Dinokeng Game Reserve

Its been a busy couple of weeks here in the Dinokeng Game Reserve.

We have had lots of activitiy with the lion and elephant. On the bird front I have been seeing alot of interesting birds like pied babbler, plain backed and buffy pippit, cape longclaw and a lifer for meĀ  a lesser kestrel.

On Feb 13 we found two lioness close to one of the bridges in a thick poplar stand. They were looking very hungry but unfortunately I had to return the guests back to the lodge as it was very hot. On my return to the sighting 30 minutes later they had killed a male kudu. The following day saw another lioness and the single male lion arrive at the scene. That night the big male lion 918 managed to get across the flooding Pinaars river and came immediately to see what was going on. After chasing the single male off he then proceeded to mate with one of the Tembe lioness. Video to follow.