48 Fisant avenue, Dinokeng Game Reserve

Last 2 weeks of February in the Dinokeng Game Reserve

We had a great couple of weeks here in Dinokeng at Dinonyane Bush Lodge.

After finding Cheetah tracks in the area 4 times and being unable to find her on the follow ups I was having coffee one morning and heard the jackal howling and barking like crazy up at the mangy windmill. I grabbed my camera and hopped in the landrover and there they were right in the road. I followed them for about 3 hours watching them mock charge giraffe and blesbok. That afternoon we managed to find them as the light was fading. Two of the cheetah cubs were chasing zebra and it didn’t take long for the stallion to get fed up with them and chased after one almost trampling him before mom intervened and drew him away.

A couple days later the Tembe lioness and 925 male moved into the area and we had great viewing with them including a small warthog kill. The following day we found them up close to Dinonayne with another kill.

On the bird front I saw my first orange breasted bush shrike in the reserve