48 Fisant avenue, Dinokeng Game Reserve

Happy times in the Dinokeng game reserve

Latest update from the last month or so in the reserve.

Dinokeng continues to revert to a wilder state with every passing day. The lion have been around for a while now but have been strangely quite and there movements have been strange.

We have had a few good sightings with them as well as the elephant and a couple of good rhino sightings. The general game has been good and the birds have been producing some interesting sightings. At present there is a levaillant’s cuckoo frequenting the camp along with its arrow marked babbler foster parents and has become proficient at mimicking the babbler calls.. The jacket plum trees are heavy with fruit and have been producing good sightings of the barbets and other fruit eaters. Other special sightings have been nice sightings of bush pig including one family out in the open at 12h00 in the afternoon.